Presentation Coaching for Women

Presenting when the stakes are high.

Charlotte Tomlinson is a Performance Coach who brings her unique and pioneering way of working, developed from decades of experience coaching elite classical musicians.  As a performing musician herself, she knows first-hand what is needed to perform at the highest levels in stressful, pressurised situations, and has developed strategies and tools to support other people in doing the same.

She is now taking this way of working to the business community and in particular to high- achieving women. Women who are excellent at what they do in the work place. They don’t necessarily know how to transfer their excellence to giving presentations in front of an audience or managing a high-profile job interview. They may not have a natural aptitude for it or the right experience, or they might feel under intense pressure with the very real fear that they will be judged harshly on what they deliver. At the very least, this can lead to uncomfortable, stressful presenting experiences.

Charlotte supports high-achieving women to bring out the best of who they are and what they can offer. She helps them prepare emotionally, psychologically and physically, to enable them to deliver their message with authority, assurance, passion and integrity. She supports them in finding their own inner voice, their own power and ultimately supports them in being themselves, all with powerful results.

What Charlotte offers

  • One-day workshop for up to 10 participants
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Power Point presentation: Presenting when the stakes are high

"In the space of just one hour, Charlotte helped me move beyond my anxiety about delivering a talk in a high stress situation into a place where I could own the stage and speak with authority and passion. She is personable, easy to work with and her many years of working with elite musicians gives her a unique skill for bringing the best out of each person who needs to present at the highest levels."

Professor Cathy Price
University College London

"Fascinating talk with so many helpful insights on the very human psychological and physiological effects on the body when presenting."

Aaron Shorr
Head of Keyboard, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

"Charlotte gave an excellent talk to violin teachers who were all members of the European String Teachers Association (ESTA) at a workshop in London. She was clear, engaging and drew her audience into her topic of managing nerves in an utterly compelling way."

John Shaylor
Chairman, ESTA

"What a fascinating and illuminating workshop! Charlotte has a huge amount of experience of dealing with the kinds of issues we all experience. I came away buzzing with ideas and with so much to put into practice!”
“Charlotte allowed us all to talk openly, and she found solutions and strategies for each and every issue we struggled with. She has a lovely, friendly and supportive manner, which helps so much in this kind of workshop.”
“Charlotte was able to quickly personalize each client’s experience and give them just what they needed.”"

Workshop for teachers, July 2016, London